• Historical Vibrec® Software


    • Single Line and Bundle Recommendations—Vibrec® is the only program of its kind to allow users to perform vibration analyses on single or bundled conductor configurations.
    • Analytical Line Design Adjustments—Vibrec allows users to adjust many factors involved with line design. These include changes in tension, wind speed, temperature, terrain and line guarding.
    • Reporting—Vibrec features graphical and text reporting. Damper, spacer and spacer damper requirements are illustrated on the line (from span lengths given) showing the number of motion control accessories and their location per span.
    • Large Conductor Database—The conductor database included with Vibrec incorporates ACSR, AAC, AAAC and ACSS conductors. Additionally, Alumoweld®, steel ground wire and optical ground wire are included.
    • Electronic Manual and Help File—Vibrec contains an easy to use, electronic manual that gives a step by step explanation on how to perform a vibration analysis and damper recommendation. Additionally, the manual contains information on the AFL Vibration Recommendation Method used in Vibrec.


AFL has the longest standing history in vibration analysis. From many years of testing and gathering empirical data, AFL offers Vibrec Online, an integrated Windows®-based vibration analysis program. The program allows users to perform analysis on transmission lines by inputting various mechanical and environmental parameters that can affect vibration. From this information, Vibrec determines how many AFL Stockbridge vibration dampers, Speed-Grip® Spacers, or AFL Bundled Spacer Dampers will be required for each span and suggests the best location for these accessories.


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