• AccessWrap™


    • Fully dielectric cable up to 48 fibers
    • Utilizes existing power line infrastructure to minimize capital investment
    • Alleviate problems of land access and areas of difficult terrain
    • Significantly reduce cost of excavation and trenching
    • No modifications to existing infrastructure required
    • Minimal environmental impact
    • Installation equipment weight and size is specifically designed for installation on short span, compact conductors of up to 50 kV
    • Specially designed accessories available


    • Utilized for telecommunications across energy infrastructure
    • Extend customer reach for FTTx applications particularly in rural and remote areas
    • Integration into smart grid networks
    • Extend fiber networks for 5G roll out


AccessWrap is a quick and cost-effective solution for fibre optic network deployment. Its specially designed, lightweight installation equipment, fittings and unique cable design, allow it to be wrapped directly onto a phase conductor of up to 50 kV.

AccessWrap is designed to withstand the aggressive environmental conditions encountered on powerlines while creating minimal extra loading onto the conductor after installation. This allows installation without requiring modifications to existing infrastructure, making it ideal for all pole structures.

AFL can provide a complete turnkey solution which includes line survey, cable, hardware and machine supply, project and installation management as well as warranty and maintenance services.
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