• Ruggedized MicroCore® Cable (CPR)


    • Available with 250 µm bare fiber or SpiderWeb Ribbon (SWR) optical fiber technology
    • Fiber counts 12 to 72
    • LSZH Riser flame-rated jacket
    • All aramid tensile strength members around core cable for ease of attaching pulling-eye; aramid within core for use with MT termination
    • Installation tension rating of 150 lbs.


    • Headend termination to a fiber "backbone"
    • Termination of fiber rack systems
    • Intra-building "backbones"
    • MTP/MPO or MTP to breakout terminations


AFL Ruggedized MicroCore (CPR) is the next generation of maximizing fiber density in AFL’s line of high density data center cables. Ruggedized MicroCore an industry leading alternative to a traditional inside plant central loose tube ribbon cable. Both standard 250 µm based fiber and AFL revolutionary Spiderweb Ribbon® Technology designs are available. Ruggedized MicroCore with bare fiber eliminates concerns associated with edge fiber stresses due to preferential bend of encapsulated ribbons. These cables consist of a LSZH (including ONFR-LS/FT4) flame-rated outer jacket with an installation tension rating of 150 lbs. qualified to meet and exceed the requirements of the latest Telcordia GR-409-CORE inside plant cabling requirements.

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