• Sub-unitized Premise MicroCore® 2.0 Base-12 (CPR)


    • 250 µm fiber with counts from 24 to 216
    • 2.0 mm cable diameter
    • 12-fiber sub-units
    • LSZH Riser flame-rated jacket
    • All aramid tensile strength members around core cable for ease of attaching pulling-eye; aramid within sub-units for use with MT termination


    • Headend termination to a fiber "backbone"
    • Termination of fiber rack systems
    • Intra-building "backbones"
    • MTP/MPO or MTP to breakout terminations


AFL Sub-unitized MicroCore 2.0 Base-12 cables continue to push evolution of high performance premise cabling. Base-12 cable configurations are available in fiber counts up to 216 fibers, utilizing 250 µm fiber. MicroCore 2.0 can support all of your high-density network needs, offering the highest density 2.0 mm fiber cables available.

Constructed of the highest quality materials to exacting industry standards, these small-diameter cables provide the solution sought out by today’s structured cabling professionals. Each sub-cable is independently qualified and is suitable for individual routing paths within the rack/panel architecture. This enables a flexibility of design and deployment not available in comparable high-density designs. Designed for direct termination and supportive of both single-fiber and multifiber architectures, this cable family should serve as the backbone to any deployed system. Cables are constructed with AFL MicroCore technology consistent with a long line of market leading designs.

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