• Sub-unitized Premise MicroCore® 3.0 Base-24 (CPR)


    • Available with 250 µm bare fiber or SpiderWeb Ribbon® optical fiber technology
    • Fiber counts from 48 to 288
    • 3.0 mm cable diameter
    • 24-fiber sub-units
    • LSZH/Riser flame-rated jacket
    • All aramid tensile strength members around core cable for ease of attaching pulling-eye; aramid within sub-units for use with MT termination


    • Headend termination to a fiber "backbone"
    • Termination of fiber rack systems
    • Intra-building "backbones"
    • MTP/MPO or MTP to breakout terminations


The third generation of AFL’s Sub-Unitized Premise MicroCore Cable is another astounding evolution of high performance premise cabling. Enabling even greater pathway density than our 2.0 version, the 3.0 Base-24 revolutionizes cable deployment and allows the end user to realize savings in space, routing infrastructures and fiber management with fiber counts up to 288 fibers available. Combining the highest quality materials with rigorous testing to industry standards, this generation builds on the same quality of construction as the previous versions of our Sub-Unitized Premise MicroCore cables. Each stand-alone sub cable is independently qualified and is suitable for individual routing paths within the rack/panel architecture. This flexibility of design and deployment is not available in comparable high density designs. Designed for direct termination, and supportive of both single-fiber and multi-fiber architectures, this cable family is capable of serving as the backbone in any deployed system.
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