• Interconnect Premise MicroCore® Cable with SpiderWeb Ribbon® (SWR®) Technology


    • 3.0 mm Outer Diameter for Round Boot 12-fiber MTP Cables
    • 3.0 mm or 3.8 mm Outer Diameter for Round Boot 24-fiber MTP Cables
    • Exceptional skew performance


    • Building Interconnections
    • Data Centers and Central Offices
    • Anywhere MTP connections can be used
    • High-density Interconnects
    • 40 Gbit and 100 Gbit Ethernet Architecture


Interconnect Premise MicroCore cables with SpiderWeb Ribbon® (SWR) are designed for MTP terminations and meet the interconnect standards of Telcordia® GR-409. To minimize the cable’s diameter, SWR and aramid strands are packaged in a high performance PVC or LSZH jacket. Fiber counts of 12 and 24 are available. Both Simplex and Zipcord designs are available.

SWR is a bonded fiber design allowing for either a highly efficient ribbonizing application or for individual fiber breakouts. This flexibility allows for the application of a single cable design to cover a diverse set of applications. High-density round designs allow for the most efficient use of space and materials, resulting in a cost-effective solution.

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