• Sub-Unitized Premise MicroCore® 3.0 Base-12


    • High performance PVC or LSZH outer jackets available
    • No preferential bend typically found in stacked ribbon designs
    • Small diameter/superior bend performance
    • Aramid tensile strength members within sub-units
    • Sub-units are suitable for direct termination with round boot MTP


    • In-building cable runs where space is a premium
    • Trunk applications where flexibility and small required bend radius are needed to route cable
    • High density cable areas like Data Centers and Central Offices
    • Lower cost cable runs where easy handling of tight buffered fibers not needed because cable will be spliced to factory terminated pigtails
    • Horizontal and Vertical Trunk cables where MTP can be directly terminated on subunits


Sub-unitized Premise MicroCore Cables are ideal for 12-144 fiber high performance premise installations where space is a premium. The round cross-sectional building blocks combine to provide a tight package, while enabling high density architecture. Each 12-fiber sub-unit consists of 250 µm colored fibers and aramid strength members enclosed by a high performance jacket. The sub-units are designed to be independently routed in FMS systems.

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