• LMHD-Series OSP Heavy Duty MicroCore® Cable


    • 12 up to 432 250 micron fibers
    • 600 lb tensile load rating for pulling applications to be comparable to traditional underground loose tube fiber optic cables but at a smaller size
    • Small-diameter construction offers improved air-jetting when compared to conventional loose tube cables
    • Thick-walled outer jacket capable of direct lashing to aerial messenger wires
    • Toneable option includes a low-resistance copper wire that allows cable/pathway to be located using standard electromagnetic detector devices
    • Rodent-deterrent jacket available with no impact to outside diameter
    • Build America/Buy America options available


    • Long-haul, Local Loop FTTx, Campus Backbone connections for 10G, 40G and 100G network transmission speeds
    • Air-jetted into bundled micro-ducts
    • Congested pathway over-ride installations


The Heavy Duty OSP MicroCore® (LMHD-Series) is small-diameter loose tube fiber optic cable with a 600lb load-rating. The design consists of SZ-stranded gel-filled buffer tubes, aramid and fiberglass strength elements, and a thick-walled, UV-resistant outer jacket. These cables can be jetted or pulled into standard HDPE ducts and, because of their small diameters, can be jetted into bundled microduct pathways. Minimum pathway inside diameters range from 13 mm to 20 mm, varied by the cable fiber count. When the application requires a transition from underground to aerial, the LMHD-Series cables can be lashed to aerial messenger wires using standard OSP cable lashing equipment and techniques.
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