• LGX Optical Coupler Modules


    • Telcordia® qualified components and connectors
    • Low loss
    • Low uniformity
    • Available in LGX®, RU and custom designs
    • Standard and custom ratios
    • Rugged construction to ensure environmental, mechanical and optical integrity
    • Termination options include SC, ST®, FC and LC
    • Module color is central office white


    • CATV systems
    • Telco
    • Wide area networks
    • Fiber monitoring systems
    • Military systems


Optical Coupler Modules offer management of optical power and wavelength. The modules are comprised of Telcordia-compliant PLC or concatenated fused biconic components and, once assembled and terminated, are fully tested for environmental, mechanical and optical integrity. All optical coupler modules are designed to customer specifications and are available in a variety of package platforms, including LGX®, RU (19” or 23”) and custom designs.


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