• Poli-MOD® Patch and Splice Module


    • 24-fiber interconnection capacity
    • LGX 118 compatible (single-slot module)
    • Effective and time-saving cable mounting mechanism (no tie-wraps necessary)
    • Inventive splice sleeve cradle
    • Available in SC, LC, ST, and FC connector arrangements
    • Shuttered LC connectors for increased dust protection
    • Organized fiber routing
    • Fixed solution, no moving parts
    • Multi-directional cable entry access
    • DIN rail mountable (with DIN Mount Kit)


    • Telecommunications Closets
    • Data Centers
    • Customer Premise
    • Local Area Networks
    • Wide Area Networks
    • Central Offices
    • Hub Sites
    • Cabinets
    • Remote Terminals
    • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)


AFL's Poli-MOD® is an innovative patch and splice module, which offers an inventive and effective means to accommodate up to 24 fiber interconnections in an industry-standard, single-slot LGX®118 footprint. The Poli-MOD offers a unique and robust way to secure cable without the need for time-wasting, tie-wrap alternatives. Additionally, the module leverages a creative snap-in splice sleeve cradle to securely manage both single and ribbon fiber arrangements. These features provide the capacity to outfit a standard 4RU rack-mount panel with up to 288-fiber interconnections.

The Poli-MOD is also offered in an arrangement that supports the low loss budget requirements of Distributed Antenna System (DAS) networks. This is accomplished through the elimination of an interconnection point while providing a robust splicing environment for rack and wall-mount panel applications.

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