• Drop Cable Storage Unit (DCSU) for Fiber Optic Cable Drops


    • Weather-resistant lightweight aluminum
    • Keyed bracket mount prevents twisting
    • Mounting hardware for aerial, pole or below-grade hand holes
    • One tool, one bracket mounting
    • Meets minimum bend radius requirements
    • Flared ends prevent chaffing
    • Allows length of reserve fiber to be adjusted
    • Stackable if necessary using optional longer bolt
    • Spring-type lockable fingers hold fiber drops and cable
    • No tie-wraps required


    • Aerial cable slack storage
    • Pole-mounted slack storage
    • FTTx drop cable storage


The AFL DCSU Fiber Storage Unit is designed to store and organize the slack from a fiber drop that is left at an FDT. The DCSU can also be used for the organization or storage of any unused multi-fiber drop in the placing of a multi-port terminal from VATS splices. In this way, cable left for future use is safely stored.

The DCSU can manage up to 12 fiber drops when laid flat into the raceway, with minimal slack required at the terminal. The AFL DCSU comes with all hardware required for mounting on aerial strand, pole or below-grade hand holes. Strand mount support brackets meet Telcordia® specifications. Galvanized strand clamping devices accommodate 1/4" to 7/16" strand and meet ASTM specifications A153 and B695. DCSUs are constructed from aluminum with a baked acrylic enamel finish.





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