• LightGuard® 350 Sealed Fiber Optic Splice Closure


    • Supports stranded loose tube or ribbon fiber cables in either armored or dielectric configuration
    • Installation and re-entry using common hand tools
    • Fully sealed to protect fiber and splices ensuring longevity
    • Fully kitted with all parts to install five cables


    • Aerial-mounted splicing
    • Pole-mounted splicing
    • Buried or hand hole splicing


The LightGuard (LG) 350 is a sealed dome closure designed for large count fiber splicing (up to 480 single or 1152 mass) in a butt configuration. Utilized in aerial or underground environments where a sealed closure is required, the LG-350 is ideal for express, ring or long haul applications and requires only a common can wrench for installation.

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