• LightLink 400sx Optical Splicing and Distribution Enclosure


    • Independent cable strain relief system
    • Cable entry/exit grommet seals
    • Removable Hinged Front Cover
    • Fiber routing system
    • Splice tray support system
    • 192 single fusion splices
    • 576 mass fusion splices
    • Grounding hardware kit included


    • OSP Splicing
    • MDU Splicing
    • FTTx Distribution


The LightLink (LL) 400sx Fiber Optic Splicing and Distribution Enclosure provides for organizing, splicing, and interconnecting fibers in FTTx, broadband, distribution and building entrance applications.

Each LL-400sx enclosure features a scratch resistant powder coated aluminum base and a fully gasketed cover. A unique self-sizing grommet design allows for express and preterminated cable installation. The LL-400sx is a butt-style enclosure equipped with four independent cable entry/exit grommets, used for outdoor pedestal or indoor building entrance and riser splicing applications. The unit supports a maximum storage and splicing capacity of up to 192 single or 576 mass-fused fibers. The LL-400sx can also mount up to two LGX118® adapter plates (splicing capacity limited to 144 single fusion and 432 mass fusion splices when adapter plates are installed).
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