• LightLink 500 Optical Splicing and Distribution Enclosure


    • Independent cable strain relief system
    • Cable entry and exit grommet seals
    • Fiber routing system
    • Splice tray support system
    • Hinged cover
    • Supports optional Interconnect modules
    • Interconnect Module supports up to 12 SC bulkhead adapters
    • Secured with a standard padlock
    • 4 cable ports with standard grommets
    • 8 cable ports with optional expansion kits



The LightLink (LL) 500 Optic Splicing and Distribution Enclosure provides for organizing, splicing and interconnecting fibers in broadband, distribution and building entrance applications.
The enclosure features a scratch and corrosion resistant powder paint coating base and a fully gasketed hinged cover. A unique self-sizing grommet design allows for express and pre-terminated cable installation. The LL-500 supports up to five LL-2450 splice trays for up to 60 single fusion splices or three LL-4850 splice trays (not included in base unit) and an optional 12 fiber, hinged Interconnect module.
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