• LL-5D Optical Splicing and Distribution Enclosure


    • Independent cable strain-relief for input and drop cables
    • Unique self-sealing grommet system
    • Self-contained inner chassis frame with separate outer housing
    • Dual telco can-wrench locking fasteners
    • Hinged cover securable with standard padlock
    • Internal, owner-accessible security screw
    • Available with a variety of connector types and cable entrance choices
    • Pre-molded splice tray in the base of the enclosure

    Apex Splice Tray Kit

    • Available with (2) Factory Pre-installed AX-TRAY-2S-2 Universal Splice Trays with SC/APC or SC/UPC 900 µm pigtails for up to 48 connections.
    • Pigtails are available in tight buffered or ribbon fiber
    • Apex Trays may be purchased separately to upgrade existing splice-only units


The LL-5D Optical Splicing and Distribution Enclosure provides for organizing, splicing and interconnecting fibers in broadband FTTx, distribution and building entrance applications. The enclosure features a durable outdoor polymer-based material and a fully-gasketed hinged cover. The internal Apex® trays may be removed from the enclosure and brought to a splicing table to complete splicing, fiber routing and fiber management. The cable entry base allows for the installation of cable through a grommet or conduit system, and can be coupled to a fixed 12 inch stackable storage skirt. Multiple skirts can be stacked to achieve the desired length.


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