• Temporary Joining Tools


    • Precision ceramic V-groove alignment
    • Built-in magnifier and lamp to inspect fiber placement in V-grooves


The TJ-03 provide a temporary fiber splice for fiber and cable connections to test equipment such as OTDRs. The TJ-03 uses a precision ceramic V-groove to align up to 12 fibers. The fibers are prepared for joining by using standard mass fusion fiber preparation tools (fiber holders, hot jacket stripper, and cleaver.) Using the TJ-03 in conjunction with an OTDR equipped with an optical switch provides rapid one button optical tests of 12.



Fujikura Splicing Equipment is manufactured and supported at the highest caliber for the benefit of our customers and their need to provide continuous high-quality and reliable optical fiber preparations and fusion splices. AFL and Fujikura want to ensure that Fujikura Splicing Equipment is sold by AFL authorized resellers who strive for the same standards (click below to read our official statement on the matter). Please be sure to only purchase Fujikura Splicing Equipment from authorized AFL and Fujikura partners, a list of which can found on our Distribution Partners web page. For Splicer service and repair requests, please complete our Product Service request form.


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