• CT-110 and CT-111 Tension-Method Fiber Cleavers


    • RFID fiber holder identification and cleave mode selection
    • Lightweight and cordless operation
    • Motorized blade changes with no manual disassembly or adjustments
    • Angled cleaves up to 15 degrees with CT-111
    • Fine-tuned coating and total length adjustments post-cleave
    • Tension digitally adjusted and automatically applied according to cleave mode
    • PC Software for blade & fiber holder management downloaded from CT-110/111


The CT-110 tension-method cleaver and CT-111 tension-method cleaver with additional angled cleaving features are built to provide precision cleaves for a vast array of fiber types. These cleavers are heavily relied upon for fiber preparation of standard data communication fibers, polarization maintaining fibers, photonic crystal fibers, and even component manufacturing of ball lenses, end caps, and more. Leveraging the success of their predecessors, the CT-110 and CT-111 achieve industry leading performance in a small form factor, and with the option to operate cordless. With the industry leading blade life of both cleavers, blade position changes are infrequent, but when needed, the blade will index to the next position automatically driven by a motorized blade assembly. A record of the cleave count by blade position is displayed via the accompanying PC software for maximizing blade life.

As an industry first, these tension-method cleavers possess an RFID sensor which matches the RFID tag on the new FH-110 series fiber holders. The PC software for these cleavers has a new fiber holder management menu, where users can pair a fiber holder to a cleave mode. In this menu, each fiber holder’s unique RFID and user defined name are used for assigning fiber holder and cleave mode combinations. The cleaver utilizes the assignments in this menu to automatically change the cleave mode based on the fiber holder recognized by the cleaver’s RFID sensor. This can be used as either a process control measure, or to aid in cleave optimization. Cleave mode parameters can also be edited, uploaded, or downloaded to & from the cleaver via this software.

This category of tension-method cleavers brings exciting benefits to the specialty fiber optic industry. Fujikura continues to lead with innovation and value in the quality solutions they develop. Put our cleavers to the test by contacting us at 1-800-235-3423.


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