• Fiber Processing Software (FPS)


    • Create, measure and archive images of fiber tapers and ball lenses using FSM100 Fujikura fusion splicers and LZM series CO2 laser glass processor
    • Easily design fiber taper geometry and define machine parameters to repeat the desired process
    • Graphical scripting tools for quick prototyping and debugging of unique fiber shapes
    • Customize splice data collection for bulk splice data analysis
    • Drive individual motors, initiate and stop the arc or lase, and control the heat
    • Live video monitoring and recording
    • Mass uploading/downloading of splice modes into Excel templates
    • One software application for 6 machine types, FSM-100M, FSM-100P, FSM-100M+, FSM-100P+, LZM-100, and LZM-110


    • Shaping
    • Prototyping
    • Tapering
    • Data Collection


Splicing in a research and development environment often requires tools that are not present in the splicer firmware or are time-consuming to access through the standard splicer menus. To address these needs, AFL developed the Fiber Processing Software environment. FPS is a PC-based system that expands the capabilities of the FSM-100 and LZM-100 series splicers. FPS is a unified application that gives users a variety of specialty splicing tools within one environment.
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