• VHM5000 Series Harsh Environment Fibers


    • Best glass resistance to hydrogen at high temperatures and pressures available in the entire industry
    • High bandwidth 50/125 graded-index multimode design with proprietary glass chemistry
    • Wide range of protective coatings available, depending on application requirements
    • Suitable for use in high pressure, high temperature and corrosive environments
    • Carbon coating provides exceptional resistance to H2 and moisture ingression
    • Predicted lifetime for hermetic fiber under typical operating conditions that exceeds most requirements
    • Extensive test and measurement data for optical fiber performance under "harsh conditions" provided with fiber


Verrillon® Harsh Environment Fibers from AFL are available in a wealth of designs. The VHM5000 product is a multimode graded-index optical fiber with optimized glass chemistry for high resistance to hydrogen darkening. VHM5000 Series is available with coatings and coating combinations, including Polyimide, high temperature acrylates, Silicone-PFA and hermetic Carbon. Typically, these fibers are used in down-hole data logging, distributed sensing and imaging applications where the temperature and hydrogen partial pressures are extreme.

Verrillon coated fibers provide exceptionally high levels of hermeticity compared to commercial fibers. We provide extensive data that demonstrates the performance of our fiber. In addition, we provide one-stop shopping for customers requiring multi-count cabled hermetic fibers, if required, in metal jacketing tubes.

Consistent with our founding principles, we specialize in application-optimized fibers, providing our customers unmatched flexibility in their system design and performance.

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