• VHT500 Single-mode Series


    • Optimized for 1550 nm operation
    • Pure Silica Core chemistry for improved performance in hydrogen-rich environments
    • Greater than 50x bend loss improvement at 1550 nm over standard SMF
    • MFD compatible with standard SMF for ease of splicing and minimal splice loss
    • Metal coating protects the fiber at temperatures up to 500°C
    • Patent-pending process prevents fibers from “cold bonding” to metal tubes or other metallic-coated fibers
    • Available in long lengths (multi-kilometers)
    • Industry-standard 125 μm clad diameter
    • Available in a 500°C cabled solution (see below in Documents)


Verrillon VHT500 is a pure silica core single-mode design with a protective metal coating that allows it to operate at temperatures up to 500°C. Typically, these fibers are used in down-hole data logging for enhanced supercritical geothermal applications, hightemperature oil/gas downhole monitoring using acoustic, strain and temperature sensing, and downstream oil process monitoring.

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