Verify dark fiber infrastructure prior to activation


Fiber verification is the process of testing and verifying the continuity and performance of the fiber optic system after it has been installed. This includes testing, verifying and characterizing the quality of the fibers themselves, as well as connectors and other hardware used to join the fibers. There are several types of fiber verification tests that can be performed, including continuity testing, attenuation testing, return loss testing, and insertion loss testing.

Overall, fiber verification is important in that it helps ensure that a fiber optic system is functioning properly and is able to transmit data reliably after initial installation. By performing these tests, technicians can identify and correct any issues with the system before they become major problems.

Common Problems

Failed splices, dirty or damaged connectors, micro-bends and macro-bends can all lead to a failed network infrastructure. AFLs comprehensive tools reduce the complexity of network verification and enable both experienced and novice technicians to easily identify problems quickly, saving costs on service time.

When verifying network service outages using AFL's FlexScan FS200 SM OTDR, technicians can perform the following tasks:

  1. Verify Insertion loss
  2. Verify connector insertion loss and reflectance
  3. Verify splitter performance (insertion loss and reflectance) at 1310nm/1550nm
  4. Verify splice loss at 1310nm/1550nm
  5. Test for macro-bends/micro-bends at 1310nm/1550nm

When verifying connectivity issues, our FOCIS Flex Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System and FOCIS Lightning®2 Multi-Fiber Connector Inspection System can be used to inspect fiber optic connectors for damaged or dirty connections. One-Click Cleaners can be used to quickly and easily clear debris and restore your network performance. For more stubborn contamination, AFL offers cleaning kits including fluids and wipes.


AFL provides the easiest to use solutions reducing the complexity of installation verification. We offer simple, intuitive tools durably built for expert or novice technicians working indoors or outside the premise.

The FlexScan FS200 SM OTDR rapidly scans to quickly and accurately detect, locate, identify and measure network components and faults. The FOCIS Lightning2 and FOCIS Flex inspection systems feature quick set-up and straight-forward operation delivering test results in seconds to diagnose dirt and debris on connector end-faces.

In summary, AFL's palm-sized tools are designed to reduce the time spent troubleshooting with first-time-right testing and rapid results sharing. Easy-to-use tools designed for novice and expert technicians keep your network running trouble-free, eliminating costly follow-up service truck rolls.

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