Broadcast applications requiring higher bandwidths, increased reliability and unique customization depend on AFL for ruggedized cable construction and support equipment.

As the demand for high-definition broadcasting signal transmissions has increased and the transition to DTV/HDTV has been fully realized, the role of fiber optics continues to grow, whether live or in the studio.  Fiber optic infrastructures offer the advantage of higher bandwidth, optical signal clarity and more reliable real-time transmissions, enabling providers to service even more applications for emerging technologies such as 4K and 8K ultra high-definition television (UHDTV), Internet-protocol television (IPTV) and multi-channel audio.

The right products with the best technology
AFL’s history as a fiber optic pioneer and our unique broadcast fiber optic cable solutions continue to provide an efficient and reliable way to manage signal transport. Designed to survive the challenges of studio and deployable broadcast applications, AFL’s tight-buffered cables are water- and UV-resistant, can be deployed and retrieved as needed, and are resistant to impact, bends and harsh conditions. Available in a range of fiber types, cable configurations, enhanced abrasion resistance options, and low-friction jacket selections, AFL’s products are distinctively suited for fiber optic assemblies used in professional and commercial AV applications.

As a natural complement to our ruggedized broadcast cables, AFL offers a premier line of fusion splicers and connectors ideal for on-demand field splicing of broadcast fibers. And for digital studio and production applications, AFL can provide a full line of traditional fiber backbone and connectivity products designed specifically to ease broadcast workflow and support high-definition signal transmission. 

Tested to guarantee performance

Broadcast applications demand low signal loss reliability and consistent high-bandwidth performance. To ensure these demands are met, AFL provides the industry’s best test and inspection equipment on the market. Engineered to provide accurate results every time, AFL’s product line of OTDRs, loss test kits, inspection scopes, cleaning kits, fault locators and more, safeguard connector integrity. All this backed by a dedicated technical support team who is always available to assist.

Customized solutions for any broadcast application

In addition to the broadcast product line up, AFL has the ability to provide customized real-problem value-engineered solutions. Our designers and engineers are experts in their field, offering an array of knowledge on every job with an emphasis on timeliness and quality. With years of experience in communications infrastructures, AFL provides system-wide solutions to include necessary materials, installation, testing and turn up.

Broadcasters and AV companies around the world have set high expectations on their content delivery networks and AFL continues to meet these expectations by delivering engineered solutions that provide superior performance, reliability, and optimal signal integrity for high-definition real time transmissions.