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VPZ600 Single-Polarization Fibers

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Verrillon VPZ600 Series is a family of uniquely designed single-mode fibers that allow one, and only one state of polarization to propagate along the fiber while the orthogonal polarization component is entirely attenuated. These fiber designs result in a wide window of polarization (up to 200 nm), and extinction ratios higher than 30 dB. VPZ600 Series fibers can be customized for operating wavelengths other than 1550 nm.

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Single-Polarization (PZ) fibers propagate one, and only one polarization state of the fundamental mode. As opposed to standard and polarization-maintaining single-mode fibers, PZ fibers do not suffer from polarization cross-talk, which makes them highly desirable for applications such as fiber optic...Show More




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