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eABF® Enterprise Air-Jetted fiber optic cable

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AFL eABF Air-Blown Fiber Optic Cable with six up to 96 fibers in a custom cable package that allows long-distance jetting into micro-ducts with inside diameters as small as 6 mm.

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eABF cables are designed by AFL to offer the most rugged and reliable enterprise-based blown fiber solution in the market today. The patent pending cable design combines a light-weight, high-drag jacketing system that allows the cable to be blown long distances. The cable series also features additi...Show More



IMG_1059.JPG IMG_7928.JPG XFM Optical Cassette with 24-F eABF-SWR.JPG IMG_7920.JPG DSC04976.JPG DSC04968.JPG DSC04961.JPG DSC04929 DSC04919.JPG Enterprise-Blown-Fiber-eABF-Cable


Integrated eABF Fiber Optic Solution eABF installation with V-20 eABF termination with AFL XFM 24-LC Cassette

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