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LZM-100 LAZERMaster® Laser Splicing System

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The LAZERMaster LZM-100 Laser Splicing System is the world's first fully automated glass processing and splicing system that utilizes CO2 laser technology as the heat source. This revolutionary technology eliminates the instability and variability of tungsten electrodes and filament heat sources and dramatically reduces maintenance requirements. The LZM-100 is capable of splicing large fibers, generating adiabatic fiber tapers, and performing many other glass shaping and lensing functions.

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AFL’s LZM-100 LAZERMaster is a glass processing and splicing system that uses a CO2 laser heat source rather than electrodes, ensuring repeatable performance and low maintenance, and eliminating electrode or filament maintenance and instability. Splicing or adiabatic tapering (to create ...

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LZM-100_V2 LZM-100-Adiabatic-Tapering LZM-100-Ball-Lens Ball-lens-320um-with-125-splice-to-80um-fiber 800_GRIN-330-Splice_4-Image_2a-4.5x 19-into-1-combiner 8mm-end-cap LZM-100-2mm-Fiber-Spliced-to-125um-Fiber LZM-100-7-in-1-Combiner


LZM-100 LAZERMasterâ„¢ Splicing System

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