AFL introduces our new line of Swage Grounding Accessories. Grounding accessories are installed in an underground grid layout before a substation is constructed and are designed to discharge the over-voltages from overhead ground wires or the lightning masts into the ground.

Complementing the entire substation family, the new Swage grounding products – plus our existing Swage bus and cable accessories – allow electric utilities to install accessories faster and more efficiently without the need for a certified welder. Swaging is the ideal solution for areas with shortages on qualified welders or when inclement weather conditions prohibit installation.

Swage Grounding Diagram

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  • No need for certified welders—with simple training, anyone can install
  • Faster installation—three times faster than traditional welding process
  • All weather—can be installed in inclement weather preventing costly installation shutdowns
  • Quality and consistent installation—human error reduced with the unique compression technique
  • Permanent connection strength—unlike bolted connections which may require tightening
  • Rated for 500 kV application

Swage Grounding Accessories Products