Mission Critical Services

AFL Mission Critical Teams deliver state-of-the-art Data Center solutions that are reliable and reduce time to market.

Hyperscale, co-location and enterprise data centers are united in their pursuit to connect the world, yet their infrastructure, performance, and operational challenges are totally unique. We pride ourselves on being a dependable partner for many of the world’s largest cloud companies, social media platforms and co-location providers, enabling them to grow and innovate faster.





Mission Critical Deployment Services

It can be a challenge to manage any data center installation. Project delays and deployment errors can result in downtime and lost revenue, not to mention unhappy customers. Consistency of deployments across the organization is our unique advantage, believing that expert installation lessens the risk of future downtime or performance issues. We deploy extremely practiced teams who have little-to-no learning curve as they reach each new location. Mission Critical Deployment Services include:


  • ISP Cabling Infrastructure

  • Cable Trays and Racking

  • Containment and Rack Systems

  • Cabinet and Rack Assembly

  • Cable Management

  • Optical Splice Expertise

  • OSP Cabling

  • Optical Testing and Commissioning

  • Design Build Services

  • Logistics and Staging

  • Project Management

  • OSHA Compliance and Training



White-Glove Data Center Services

When it comes to managing data centers, there are few tasks quite as expensive or painful as moving critical infrastructure components. We provide “embedded technicians” at several data center sites for our clients. Our technicians typically support the following functions:


  • Consultation

  • System Design and Optimization

  • Project Management

  • Data Center Technical Support

  • Rack Integration

  • Rack and Stack

  • Trace and Validate

  • Containment and Rack System Remediation

  • Optical Testing and Commissioning

  • Asset Tracking and Identification

  • Decommissioning Services and Logistics

  • Interconnect and Patching