Why Use ACCC® Conductors?

Demand for power continues to increase at an alarming rate, forcing utilities to put greater and greater electrical loads on their existing lines. However, most existing transmission circuits have been designed for operation at or below 93˚C. Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR), the most commonly used conductor, cannot handle the higher temperatures resulting from increased current loads. With the increasing de-regulation pressures, rising construction costs and right-of-way scarcity, another option is needed.

In response to this need, CTC Global (CTC) developed the Aluminum Conductor Composite Core (ACCC), a high temperature composite core conductor. ACCC is capable of carrying up to twice the current of a conventional ACSR conductor of the same diameter and similar weight. Instead of building new transmission lines, ACCC conductors can replace existing ACSR conductors, thus allowing utilities to increase energy output with an economical option.However, with the increased power from ACCC conductors, standard compression accessories could not handle the elevated temperatures and work loads. In response, AFL developed the HiTemp product line, consisting of compression and motion control accessories, pulling grips, and high temperature compounds to give customers a system solution when installing this new technology.

What is ACCC?

ACCC is a high-capacity, low-sag conductor that utilizes a hybrid carbon and glass fiber core that offers greater strength, a lower coefficient of thermal expansion, lighter weight and excellent corrosion resistance. The lighter weight core allows the incorporation of up to 28% more aluminum without a weight or diameter penalty which serves to reduce line losses by 25-40% or more. The ACCC conductor’s greater strength and reduced thermal sag enable greater spans between fewer and/or shorter structures to reduce upfront capital costs.

ACCC Collateral

Installation Instructions

ACCC HiTemp® Compression Collet Design Products