A pioneer in research, development and application, AFL produced and used the world’s first aluminum bus conductors in 1895. AFL’s complete line of aluminum bolted substation accessories are designed with large contact areas and appropriate clamping forces to provide efficient long life and trouble-free operation.

Bolted accessories, including the bolts and nuts, are made from high-strength aluminum alloys. Bolts are coated with a lubricant for additional resistance to corrosion. The reduced friction provided by the lubrication coating gives a higher bolting pressure for a given tightening torque.

AFL No. 2 Electrical Joint Compound is recommended for making aluminum -to-aluminum and aluminum-to-copper bolted joints. This compound is an effective seal against the entrance of moisture and corrosive of oxidizing agents. It has the additional advantage of chemically aiding in the removal of the natural oxides of aluminum.

Experience has shown that bolted joints on electrical bus conductors made with unbrushed electrical fittings, with the proper joint preparation and adequate sealing of the connection, are entirely satisfactory for aluminum-to-aluminum and aluminum-to copper connections.

230kV or Less Aluminum Bolted Products