Indoor-Outdoor cabling bridges the gap for applications where network routings include external pathways while providing the Flame Safety requirements for transitions into Campus Buildings. Exceptional mechanical and environmental performance are the hallmark of this cable family.

Indoor-Outdoor Loose-Tube cable combines Dry-Core technology with S-Z strand designs to create a robust product compliant with applicable EIA/TIA, REA/RUS PE-90 and Telcordia GR-20 standards. Indoor-Outdoor Loose-Tube cable is recommended for the following installation techniques:

  • Duct/Conduit
  • Lashed Aerial
  • Tray based Fiber Management

Indoor-Outdoor Tight Buffered cable incorporates the advantages of 900um Tight Buffered fiber found in Inside-Plant Cable with the enhanced Mechanical and Environmental attributes found in cable suitable for outdoor deployments. Available in multiple constructions ranging from Distribution style single-jacket cable to High Fiber Count designs, Indoor-Outdoor Tight Buffered cable reduces the need for transitions within the Campus network.

Indoor/Outdoor Products