Troubleshoot, fix and verify PON installations


When PON performance issues arise, network troubleshooting identifies and resolves problems affecting the performance of the network itself.

PON systems are complex networks that rely on a variety of components, including OLTs, ONUs, optical splitters and fiber optic cables to operate properly. If any of these components are not functioning correctly, it can impact the performance of the PON system as a whole.

By troubleshooting the PON system, network administrators can identify the root cause of problems and take the necessary steps to fix them, ensuring that the PON continues to deliver high-quality, reliable service to the end users.

Common Problems

When troubleshooting potential causes:

  1. Determine if the downstream power level is adequate. AFL's FlexScan® TS100 FTTH PON Troubleshooter enables a technician to verify GPON and XGS-PON levels downstream from the OLT. The FlowScout™ PON Optical Power Meter additionally measures power levels upstream from the ONT and downstream from the OLT to verify end-to-end connectivity.
  2. If power levels are too absent or too low, fault locate upstream from the customer premise to detect, identify and locate the source of the problem. With the push of a button, the TS100 Troubleshooter quickly determines link length, loss, and ORL and detects and measures splices, connectors and fiber faults to the splitter.
  3. If downstream power measures correctly, verify upstream power using the FlowScout PON Power Meter to determine if ONT is responding.

When verifying further network connectivity issues, AFL's FOCIS Flex Connector Inspection System and FOCIS Lightning®2 Multi-Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System can be used to inspect fiber optic connectors for damaged or dirty connections. One-Click Cleaners can be used to quickly and easily clear debris and restore your network performance. For more stubborn contamination, AFL offers cleaning kits including fluids and wipes.


AFL provides the easiest to use solutions reducing the complexity of PON troubleshooting. We offer simple, intuitive tools durably built for expert or novice technicians working indoors or outside the premise.

Both FlexScan® TS100 FTTH PON Troubleshooter and FlowScout™ PON Optical Power Meter are full featured devices yet require little to no training. With instant-on test capabilities, results are displayed in seconds providing ultra-fast detection of problems. Both products can test legacy BPON, EPON, GPON, Video and next generation PONs such as XG/XGS-PON and 10GEPON. A single device can test both old and new networks saving on the cost of future equipment investments. Our award-winning FOCIS Lightning2 Connector inspection System allows instant feedback of dirty or damaged connectors.

In summary, our tools are designed to help reduce the time spent on troubleshooting with fast testing and results sharing. We design easy-to-use tools for novice and expert technicians to help keep your network running trouble-free with the least amount of time spent at the customer premise.

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