Supplier Routing Instructions for FREIGHT CARRIERS
Freight Charges as "Collect" or "3rd Party"

Rev. 090313

  1. Parcel: (Shipments of 150 pounds or less & Individual Packages of < 70 lbs)
    • Use UPS Ground Service.
  2. Less-than-truck-load: (LTL Shipments of >150lbs or & Individual Packages of > 70 lbs)
  3. Truck Loads: (TL includes all shipments {single BOL}that are greater than or equal to 20,000lbs or that occupies more than half the truck generally 14')
  4. Expedited Freight: Includes all freight meeting LTL and TL weight/ dimension requirements stipulated above and requiring delivery earlier than the normal transit time. In order to expedite a shipment, you are required to get prior approval from your authorized AFL purchasing contact.


Upon Contact:

  1. Shipment details will be entered into our TMS web system
  2. Carrier selection will be made
  3. Proper arrangement will be scheduled to your location for pickup
  4. An AFL BOL will be faxed / emailed to your shipping office to provide the carrier assignment, ensure proper routing and billing instructions. If you choose not to use our BOL, it is imperative that you complete the BOL Collect "bill to" section to read:

    AFL Network Services c/o Transplace
    P.O. Box 26277
    Greensboro, NC 27402