Today's Healthcare Industry requires state-of-the-art amenities and equipment for preventative care, patient health management and emergency treatment.

Cultural, regulatory and technological forces have made healthcare a leading-edge industry with respect to information technology systems. From HIPPA and electronic health records to the HITECH Act and high-resolution file transfer, IT systems in healthcare facilities are being pushed to their limits.

Selecting a network services partner is critical to deploying a successful healthcare solution. We not only provide the expertise in end-to-end network solutions, but our technicians are highly qualified in healthcare network installations and overcoming the common obstacles that may arise.





Structured Cabling

Infrastructure plays a vital role in ensuring that your facility has a robust and secure network. From protecting and transmitting patient files to supporting medical equipment, proper infrastructure can help you provide the highest level of patient care possible. With our expertise in network cabling, you will achieve unprecedented management, efficiency and speed across your enterprise. Additionally, our testing practices take the risk and guesswork out of deployment.




High-Performance Buildings

Regulatory compliance is driving the need for organizations to reduce their carbon footprint and energy usage. This brings into sharp focus the need for efficient, collaborative and intelligent building environments. Creating an intelligent building should help to minimize operational costs, optimize facility resources and provide an improved user experience helping to ensure maximum user productivity.




Security and Safety Systems

Theft, disorderly conduct and physical violence are at the top of the list of challenges faced by security personnel in healthcare. It is crucial that healthcare practitioners feel safe in their environment so that they can focus on patient care. We bring a breadth of healthcare experience, innovative thinking and the application of technology-driven solutions to address these challenges. We specialize in integrated IP-based physical security and access control solutions to assist you in effectively meeting these objectives.



service service


Healthcare organizations are transforming their IT infrastructures to include more connected medical and IoT devices. This growth requires a reliable wireless network to support the number of devices, as well as cover an entire campus, so the network can be accessed from anywhere. Our WiFi Access Point Installation service covers small or large-scale installations using professionally trained installers with experience working with complex systems and multiple locations.





Paging and Medical Emergency Notification Systems

At healthcare facilities, staff are focused on providing excellent patient care. Utilizing a notification system that streamlines communication provides more time for your staff to spend with patients. Mass notification systems for healthcare delivers better emergency and clinical workflow communications, resulting in enhanced patient care. Whether you require a streamlined or fully integrated paging system, our installed solutions are easy to use, highly reliable and offer the ultimate in sophistication and control.





24/7 Professional Support

Our dedicated service and support professionals are focused on providing your company the reliable, high-quality service and support you expect and deserve. Rest easy knowing our expert teams are available 24/7 to keep your business operating at peak efficiency.