Industrial & Manufacturing

The trend across the manufacturing and process industries is clear: Network users expect higher reliability, faster speeds and wireless connectivity.

Competitiveness is everything to manufacturers and much-needed gains in efficiency and profitability will have to be achieved through new process innovations. This includes, for example, the continued automation of robots and warehouse transportation and cutting cables to become truly flexible. 5G and IoT will be key to enhancing and enabling these advances in manufacturing.

Whether you need a new network or want to optimize or expand a network that you have, we offer experienced advice to assist you in reaching your productivity, performance and security goals.

Our installers are trained in conducting Job Hazard Analysis prior to starting work to effectively identify and manage potentially dangerous site conditions. Lock Out/Tag Out procedures are used when working around hazardous equipment and overhead cranes. Field technicians are OSHA 10/30 trained and equipped to work safely in the most demanding environments requiring lift work, confined spaces, and job sites with hazardous materials and conditions.





Structured Cabling

Firmly established as fiber optic specialists, this expertise remains at the heart of our service offering to clients. Industrial, manufacturing and warehouse facilities typically pose more challenges to installation teams than office environments. IT System components are often installed in difficult to reach areas of the plant, requiring lift work and close coordination with floor supervisors and workers to ensure safe working conditions for everyone. From the copper and fiber optic cable that forms the foundation of your network to the high-end routers that are its heartbeat, we are your expert partner.




Paging and Mass Notification Systems

Today’s intercom and paging solutions extend far beyond routine announcements; they make manufacturing plants, hazardous workplaces and public areas more efficient as well as increase safety and security. Solutions range from standard public announcement and two-way intercom service to door and entry control, lock-down systems, surveillance monitoring, alert and evacuation, mass notification, event logging and so much more. Whether you require a streamlined or fully integrated paging system, our installed solutions are easy to use, highly reliable and offer the ultimate in sophistication and control.




Security and Safety Systems

For customers engaged in commercial and industrial activity, a single incident can be catastrophic. We help protect people, property and processing and storage facilities, and provide solutions that enhance operations. Whether it's protecting one industrial facility or many geographically-dispersed commercial locations, our commercial and industrial security specialists can supply you with industrial security technologies, systems and services support to enhance your industrial security programs and commercial business operations.





As companies adopt the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the versatility of WiFi becomes more important. Consideration of WiFi coverage needs is essential to avoid dead zones, interference between systems and provide adequate coverage for wireless sensors and devices installed in plant premises. We have the expertise to conduct a Radio Frequency (RF) Site Audit to ensure WiFi coverage leveraging 2.4/5GHz, 900MHz and other industry bands.






24/7 Professional Support

Our dedicated service and support professionals are focused on providing your facility the reliable, high-quality service and support you expect and deserve. You can rest easy knowing our expert teams are available 24/7 to keep your campus operating at peak efficiency.