Government and Municipalities

Public projects are often subject to a higher level of scrutiny—and face other budget, oversight and project management challenges—compared to private-sector work. It pays to have an experienced partner in your corner. Our work on major infrastructure contract projects, along with ongoing service and maintenance relationships, well positions us to confidently manage projects at all levels of state, county and municipal authority. Read more about our solutions for the State of Florida municipalities and governments.





Structured Cabling

The key to our success is a fundamental understanding of the building blocks of technology, and their relationship to your real mission – the delivery of top quality public services. From copper and fiber optic cable that forms the foundation of your network to the high-end routers that are its heartbeat, we are your expert partner.




Audio Visual and Digital Signage

The world is becoming more digitally adept and is expecting more out of their technology environment. A progressive infrastructure creates more opportunities and, as a complete solutions provider, we are able to meet every aspect of your technology needs.




Paging and Mass Notification Systems

Today’s intercom and paging solutions extend far beyond routine announcements; they make workplaces and public areas more efficient and increase safety and security. Solutions range from standard public announcement and two-way intercom service to door and entry control, lock-down systems, surveillance monitoring, alert and evacuation, mass notification, event logging and so much more. Whether you require a streamlined or fully integrated paging system, our installed solutions are easy to use, highly reliable, and offer the ultimate in sophistication and control.




High Performance Buildings

Regulatory compliance is driving the need for organizations to reduce their carbon footprint and energy usage. This brings into sharp focus the need for efficient, collaborative and intelligent building environments. Creating an intelligent building should help to minimize operational costs, optimize facility resources and provide an improved user experience helping to ensure maximum user productivity.




Security and Safety Systems

With security concerns on the rise, we are partnering with officials and communities to help make public and government buildings safer. Concerns regarding public security have dramatically increased, as government and municipal campuses across the nation have become the target of crime and violence. From security site surveys and implementing comprehensive solutions, our trusted security advisors are your partners in securing public facilities. We provide intrusion-detection security systems, video surveillance, mass notification, emergency communication, lock down solutions and everything in between.





Previous WiFi designs were based on coverage as the only requirement. With faster devices on the market and the need for constant connectivity, older WLANs are no longer capable of managing the capacity required. New WiFi design emphasizes meeting capacity and application requirements. Let AFL assist you in the infrastructure planning, antenna and WAP selection, and placement process.





24/7 Professional Support

Our dedicated service and support professionals are focused on providing your office or municipality the reliable, high-quality service and support you expect and deserve. You can rest easy knowing our expert teams are available 24/7 to keep your campus operating at peak efficiency.