Grid Modernization

Improve operational performance, ensure grid reliability and enhance network resiliency by embracing the SAFER™ principles to enable grid modernization. To deploy new smart grid technologies, a broadband network is a key foundation. With nearly 40 years of actual experience in providing fiber optic solutions for electric utilities, AFL can show you how to deploy a fiber optic network that not only supports optimizing the grid’s performance but also aligns with the SAFER methodology.

For AFL, grid modernization means having the ability to communicate deeper and connect with more end points and inline devices. To do that, we provide a full suite of solutions focused on enabling Utilities to drive fiber into their networks with a density supporting not only today's needs, but tomorrow's as well. Our solutions include a complete fiber optic cable portfolio for transmission and distribution environments as well as Utility FTTx networks.

Our investment in capacity and supply resiliency means that product availability will never be the gating item to achieving successful deployment.

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Follow the Power®: Fiber-Thru-The-Grid (FTT-Grid™)




FTT-Grid supports downstream connections.


FTTG Connections





The drivers and trends of Grid Modernizations and the AFL product and solutions that enable it. AFL has been supporting Grid Modernization since the first foot of OPGW was sold back in 1985.