Choose AFL as your one-source provider for POLAN solutions

Passive Optical LAN architectures are being deployed as the next generation design for the local area network. Utilizing single-mode fiber optic cables as the dominant medium, a Passive Optical LAN (POLAN) is capable of reaching distances of 20 km or more—more than enough to be the perfect solution for large and small campus networks or multi-story buildings.

When compared against legacy, copper laden architectures, Passive Optical LAN networks reduce complexity by flattening the LAN and simplify network moves, adds and changes. Plus, POLANs are not limited by the bandwidth or distance constraints of copper. It does this by utilizing three core building blocks; the Optical Line Terminal (OLT), the Passive Optical Splitter and the Optical Network Terminal.

Deploying a Passive Optical LAN architecture can lead to substantial savings compared to legacy architectures and will be beneficial to all network stakeholders.