Get Ready with ASCEND™

We do so many things to plan for the future. In high school, we try to get good grades so we can get scholarships for college. In college, we want every resume builder we can get so we can land our dream job. In our career, we put money in our 401k so that we can have a relaxing retirement. So why not plan for the future in your data center?
We know that bandwidth consumption increases every year, and you don’t want to be left in the dust with a system that isn’t ready for tomorrow’s networks. AFL is launching the ASCEND platform, a high-density rack mount solution designed for enterprise and data center applications. We have designed  ASCEND to meet your growing needs of both today and tomorrow. We want you to have peace of mind about the future, and the ASCEND platform is the solution you need to meet the network requirements of the future. 
The ASCEND platform is a family of products that work together to be exactly what you need. It adds flexibility, functionality and ease of use to existing high-density products. Comprised of four main parts: high density fiber housing, various cassette options, patch cord assemblies and trunk cable assemblies, ASCEND products allow you to create a system that is flexible to meet all of your future needs. 
While the ASCEND platform has been designed to function in a variety of applications, it has also been designed to be less complex in both installation and use. The ASCEND fiber housing will give you easy access to all the connector interfaces, and will keep all the fibers and cables secure and organized. 
You need to be ready for the future, because it’s coming whether you’re ready for it or not! Visit the ASCEND page on our website to read even more about each component of the ASCEND platform, see ASCEND in action with our newest video, and learn how you can be equipped for the future.