Supporting Our Communities

Giving back to communities is a fundamental part of our culture and a key core value. Through fundraising, acts of giving, or volunteering of our time, we are positively impacting the regions that we live and work to Impact the lives of those less fortunate. AFL Network Services is conscious of the impact we can have on all aspects of our society including economic, social and the environment.






AFL’s annual ImagineThat! Giving Campaign engages and educates team members about the needs in our communities. Each year, we ask our team members to thoughtfully consider making a personal financial donation to an organization that supports programs within the areas where we live and work and AFL matches donations to this program.

AFL Network Services has partnered with the Breakfast Club of Canada to ensure that students have reliable access to nutritious food in a safe and supportive environment, in order to positively impact health and learning.




Unite (Month of Service)

Each year, AFL Network Services team members take part in Unite, a volunteering program that connects us to organizations that need support. Volunteer teams serve the elderly, students, children, families and more. We serve meals, clean parks, collect clothing and food…the possibilities are endless.

Volunteering time to help others in our communities is an excellent way to connect and strengthen our community ties, help us understand the need and enable individuals to help others in a selfless way.





AFL encourages our team members to actively engage with local organizations to enhance our communities by volunteering, serving on boards and committees, mentoring, coaching and spreading the word of the work they do. The AFL iACT program recognizes the contributions of team members who volunteer 40 hours or more per year for a non-profit organization and provides a financial grant to these organizations to supplement the efforts of the team member.






Community Giving Programs

Through our community grants and additional community initiatives, we give back to our local communities and to those who need it most – including the homeless, at-risk youth, families, and people with disabilities.

AFL Network Services has been a key supporter of the Food Banks across Canada over the years, as well as other local charities and non-profit organizations, to help those in need, to help build stronger, healthier communities and to make a positive difference in the lives of others.