AFL Network Services is a leading EF&I fiber network constructor delivering a broad spectrum of OSP solutions including urban and rural FTTx builds, medium-haul distribution and specialized point-to-point builds. Our teams specialize in wireless and wireline telecom construction projects. For network builds, we leverage two primary construction approaches – aerial and shallow underground construction. These are supported by a cross-platform materials management capability. Our teams are experts at owning construction projects end-to-end, which ensures on-time and on-budget delivery for all project tasks including construction planning, construction management and materials logistics.



End-to-End Construction Project Management

Our comprehensive approach to turn-key project management delivery allows AFL Network Services to deliver complete solutions to our customers. We utilize purpose-built technology and customized tools to ensure effective project management. Our team can accurately and reliably meet your needs regardless of project scope or scale.




Outside Plant Civil Construction

AFL Network Services delivers a full spectrum of services related to shallow utility infrastructure construction. We specialize in managing complex civil builds leveraging both horizontal directional drilling as well as conventional trenching and plowing methods to install conduit systems in urban and rural environments.




Fiber Optic Cable Construction

Constructing fiber optic networks is one of AFL Network Services’ key capabilities with the ability to jet, pull and lash cable in any underground or aerial environment. Our extensive knowledge of fiber optic products provides the leverage needed to be an industry leader in all facets of fiber optic splicing and testing. This end-to-end cable construction expertise allows us to efficiently light up high quality fiber networks.




Additional Services/Skills/Abilities

Along with our key value propositions above, AFL Network Services Construction also offers the following capabilities and solutions:

  • Horizontal directional drilling
  • Trenching and excavating
  • Plowing
  • Pre-cast concrete vault placing
  • Pour-in-place concrete constructing
  • Underground cable jetting
  • Underground cable pulling
  • Aerial strand placing
  • Aerial cable lashing
  • Pole placing
  • Pole anchoring
  • Pole moving
  • Fiber optic cable splicing
  • Fiber optic cable testing