• Compact CST Armoured Loose Tube Cable


    • Protection from rodents, burrowing animals and termites
    • Drycore construction resulting in less mess and time lost for fibre breakout
    • Compact design
    • Various sheath options available


    • Underground in conduit
    • Underground direct burial
    • Short and long haul applications


Corrugated steel tape armoured stranded loose tube cable is ideal for short haul and long haul backbone applications and can be installed in-duct or direct buried. The corrugated steel tape armour improves resistance to rodent attack and provides an additional layer of protection to the inner insect resistant Nylon barrier. Additionally, the corrugated steel tape armour improves cable crush and impact performance. The water blocked, dry cable core stranded design suits point-point and point-multipoint fibre installations where spur cables are spliced from the backbone. 


The tubes and fillers are laid around a central strength member and contained within a dry, water blocked cable core which is sheathed with an insect resistant Nylon jacket, corrugated steep tape armour and outer PE jacket. Surface printing includes length marking at one metre intervals.

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