AFL Accessories Overview

Trusted Accessories Provider 

AFL encompasses many different markets and products, which is why we define ourselves as an end-to-end solutions provider.  When it comes to energy and electric utility, we strive to fit all of your needs by providing you with the proper accessories.  Continue reading to learn about the history of AFL's accessories and an overview of what we do today.  Visit the resource center to find more information on the energy market and much more.


In 1897 Alcoa sold the first aluminum conductor for current-carrying applications. That began the century long relationship between AFL and the electrical industry.
Today, AFL is one of North America’s foremost suppliers of aluminum conductor accessories to the electric utility industry with a proven record in technological innovation, quality, service, and reliability.
AFL’s damper technology dates back to 1917, when our development work aided in the creation of the “stockbridge” damper, the modern standard for controlling Aeolian vibration issues.
AFL began offering compression technology in the early 1900s, and today this technology is the standard for terminating and splicing aluminum conductors on transmission lines.  AFL even has a full line of hydraulic compression tools.

Leading Provider of OPGW and ADSS 

Today, AFL is the only American manufacturer that offers customers fittings that are bolted, welded, and swaged for voltages up to 765 kilovolts.
In 1984 AFL brought OPGW technology to North America, and since, has become the leading provider of engineering, field support, and OPGW and ADSS hardware.
AFL also manufactures rail system hardware, copperclad material, formed wire distribution ties, guy deadends, and conductor suspensions for single and T2 conductors.

AFL is Here for You

But AFL does more than make metal products for our customers. Our facilities house a multitude of engineering and high capacity, cutting edge production capabilities. AFL also provides testing services free of charge to our customers. From ANSI heat cycle testing to mechanical testing and sustained load and vibration monitoring, we make certain each product is produced to the highest quality and backed by ISO standards. To help customers get started, AFL offers free on-site product training. Our commitment to our customers is all encompassing. Our engineering, research and development, manufacturing, logistics, sales and marketing, field engineering and quality control teams, are committed to providing our customers with the best service and support in the industry.
For more than a century, AFL has successfully served the electric utility industry.
Drawing from that extensive past, AFL will continue to bring modern innovation, high quality products, and dependable service to all of our present and future customers. 

To learn more about accessories watch the video "AFL Accessories Overview" on AFL's new resource center.