FAST or FUSE - Which Should You Choose?

Which Connector is Right for You? 

AFL offers two types of field-installable connectors, the FASTConnect and the FUSEConnect. These products have eliminated any uncertainty of hand-polished connectors and have significantly reduced setup and installation time. 

Now, the only question is, which one best fits your needs?  AFL provides an in-depth description of both the FASTConnect and the FUSEConnect on the new resource center.  The white paper in which this information can be found is a downloadable document that provides the information you need to choose the best field-installable connector.  Follow this link to read the whole document, FASTConnect or FUSEConnect-Which Should You Choose?


FASTConnect Mechanical Connectors

The FASTConnect is a field-installable connector that is pre-polished and has the fastest installation time at the lowest cost. The FASTConnect works in various applications including Premise/Enterprise Networks, LAN/WAN Connections, and FTTx Applications.  Visit the resource center to learn about the FASTConnect and its features. 

FUSEConnect Splice-on Connectors

The FUSEConnect is a fusion-spliced, field-installable connector that is uniquely designed to be simple and user-friendly. This product only features four or five components, yet has the highest optical performance.  The FUSEConnect can be used in many applications such as Cable TV backbone networks, MDU FTTP cabling, and Central Office connector replacement.  Click the image to learn more about this product, or read about the differences and similarities of the FUSEConnect and the FASTConnect in the white paper found here

The white paper, FASTConnect or FUSEConnect-Which Should You Choose, outlines the advantages and disadvantages of both connectors through an in-depth comparison.  This document also describes how to use and install the two products, offering true, end-to-end solutions on behalf of AFL.