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Vibration Dampers


AFL’s new Dissipator high-efficiency stockbridge damper 1700AA series provides a significant performance improvement over our traditional damper due to its unique offset bell-shaped weight configuration. The new offset weight design doubles the number of resonant frequencies, thereby providing a more consistent efficiency performance over the aeolian frequency span.
The 2200 series guy wire dampers have been designed to dampen the wind-induced motion of guy wires. They were originally developed for the guy wires on United States Military navigation towers.
AFL Highway Truss Dampers offer the most practical and economical solution for vibration problems normally encountered in highway sign trusses. The AFL 1708-17.1 damper, weighing 31 lbs. (14.06 kg), is the size most commonly used for highway truss applications. A single damper located at the mid-point of the truss will provide vibration protection for lengths between 60 and 140ft (18.3-42.7m). Special consideration should be given to longer spans or cantilever applications.
AFL's SVD Series Spiral Vibration Dampers are designed to eliminate the damage caused by Aeolian vibration and reduce overall vibration on bare cables.
The AFL Stockbridge Damper is the most efficient way to extend the life of a transmission line. It is designed to eliminate the damage caused by aeolian vibration.