SkyWrap provides a retro-fit solution for installing a fiber optic cable on overhead power lines. The cable is small and imposes minimal additional load on the overhead line conductors, poles and towers. The installation technique means that SkyWrap can be deployed quickly and cost effectively, increasing network fiber capacity with minimum disruption to electricity supply services.

SkyWrap was first installed in 1982 and has an excellent reputation for reliable and secure operation in more than 40 countries around the world. The success of SkyWrap is derived from the speed, maneuverability and low impact on the local environment. Fewer people and much less equipment are needed to install the cable. In some circumstances, SkyWrap can often provide the only solution when other cable installation options are not feasible or practical and is a suitable option for OPGW or ADSS. Attachment hardware is also available for SkyWrap.

Skywrap Products