• MDU Entrance Enclosure


    • Fits comfortably into new and existing interconnect, cross-connect and co-location environments
    • U-shaped cable entry eliminates the need to feed preconnectorized cables through an inconvenient access port
    • Modular design fully compatible with Poli-MOD® products and XFM optical cassettes
    • Dual doors with separate locking options for flexibility and security
    • Available empty to be used with Poli-MOD® patch and splice modules or stubbed
    • Drop-down door design provides access to adapter ports for easy cleaning with AFL One-Click® Cleaners


AFL’s wall mount MDU Entrance Enclosure (MEE) provides a compact entrance terminal designed for tight spaces such as wiring closets or computer rooms where available wall space can be difficult to find. Dual doors allow for access to subscriber connections while keeping the splice and incoming cables secure. The swing-down door design limits the footprint when the doors are open while still allowing for access to the adapter ports for connection/disconnection and cleaning. The AFL MEE is designed for fiber splicing when used in conjunction with the AFL Poli-MOD® patch and splice module or available stubbed with one to two 12 fiber flat drop cables.





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