Stripping, Cleaning, & Fiber Prep Automation


CS-1 Cotton Swabs small size and lint free design provide excellent cleaning capabilities for a variety of precision cleaning needs.
The PCS-100 Polyimide Coating Stripper provides a quick, easy, and reliable method to strip polyimide and other difficult to remove coatings from optical fibers
The AFL PowerStrip® is a thermal stripper used in high strength splicing. Using the proven blade and centering design of the Schleuniger FiberStrip 7030 in addition to the fiber holder system, the PowerStrip automatically centers the fiber, heats the buffer or coating, and strips the buffer at a controlled rate with perfect alignment.
The APM-101 performs stripping, cleaning, and cleaving operations in a single ~18 second process.
The Fujikura ultrasonic cleaner model USC-03 provides a simple and cost effective method for cleaning optical fibers when high strength fusion splices are required. This ultrasonic cleaner readily accepts all FH-40-XXX, FH-50-XXX, FH-60-XXX and FH-100-XXX series fiber holders.
The Fujikura high tensile stripper HTS-12 provides excellent strength performance when removing 250µm and 400µm buffer from optical fibers.