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Fiber Optic Inspection

It is a fact that fiber end-face contamination is a major cause of network outages and downtime. AFL fiber inspection products enable network technicians and other personnel to safely inspect fiber endfaces for contamination and verify the effectiveness of fiber cleaning procedures.

AFL provides cost-effective fiber microscopes with integrated protective infrared filters that minimize the risk of viewing a live fiber. AFL also provides video inspection products with no direct optical path between fiber and the users eye. These products employ a video signal path (like a camcorder viewfinder) and convert the optical image to a safe, high resolution video image.

Fiber Optic Inspection White Papers


FOCIS Lightning is a compact self-contained inspection probe that captures the entire MPO end-face image in less than two seconds. One button provides auto-focusing, centering and pass/fail analysis at the connector and individual fiber level. It can complete a 24-fiber MPO inspection task in less than 15 seconds. Results can be easily shared via USB, WiFi and Bluetooth®.
FOCIS Flex makes Connector inspection simple, fast, and convenient. With one button press, FOCIS Flex auto-focuses, captures, centers analyzes and displays the end-face image. It also auto-saves up to 10,000 images internally and can transfer data via USB or Bluetooth.
FOCIS WiFi2 is an ergonomic Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System that, when paired with an iOS or Android smart device, provides fast and accurate IEC/IPC/AT&T compliant and user-defined pass/fail end-face cleanliness analysis.
FOCIS Duel is a self-contained twin-ported Bluetooth connected fiber optic connector inspection probe with integrated screen.
The FOCIS Flex NW addresses the need of network maintenance contractors operating in secure environments, where devices emitting radio frequency (RF) communication signals are prohibited, such as government and defense facilities and restricted private enterprisenetwork facilities.
FOCIS Lightning No Wireless (NW) is a self-contained multi-fiber connector inspection probe with integrated screen.
The OFS300 Optical Microscope provides precise 200X magnification for inspecting fiber optic patch cord connectors. Handheld, lightweight and field-tough, the OFS300 is used to detect for scratches, dirt, or other contamination that can cause poor transmission performance.