• Fiber-In-A-Box


    • Easy count printing - descending marks (feet or meters) indicating amount of cable remaining on reel
    • Light weight and easy to transport with grips on both sides of the box for easy handling
    • Eliminates the need for reel supports and cable spooling equipment
    • Unique braking mechanism allows reel to be locked in place within carton during transport and provides control of tension during cable pulls
    • Boxes can be stacked and configured to support easy pay-off of multiple cable runs
    • Wording under feed-through slot reminds installers of proper pulling methods for optical cable
    • Factory packaging ensures cable is not "over-stressed" in non-factory cable cutting operations where personnel may not be sensitive to proper handling of fiber optic cable
    • Available in 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 feet lengths, depending on cable diameter
    • Easy access to reel from top allows installers to repackage excess cable removed from box
    • Easy way to organize, store and manage short lengths of excess cable


    • Horizontal cabling / Fiber-to-the-Desk
    • Fiber drops within MDUs
    • Short-to-medium length cable runs between buildings


AFL's "Fiber-in-a-Box" solution offers contractors lightweight, easy to use cable packaging with "out of the box" disbursement of fiber cable. No reel supports or pay-off's are required. Simply set the box down in a convenient place, unlock the built-in braking mechanism and begin pulling. Adjust the braking mechanism to apply the amount of pulling tension required. Stack and configure boxes together to disburse cable from several reels at the same time. Available in 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 foot lengths, this unique cable package solution will save contractors valuable time and cost.

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