• LightGuard® 55-SC Sealed Fiber Optic Splice Closure


    • Durable cover assembly that provides protection for all internal components and acts as an interface or anchor to the cable clamps
    • Unique cable clamp seal to anchor the cable to the cover assembly
    • Movable sheath retention bracket keeps cable bends at a minimum
    • Accommodates up to four SC/UPC connectors
    • Utilizes AFL’s Peel & Seal Grommet System™, ensuring a tight fit on various cable diameters while eliminating cumbersome tape and washers
    • Requires only a common can wrench for installation


    • Aerial-mounted splicing
    • Pole-mounted splicing
    • Buried or hand hole splicing


AFL’s LightGuard (LG) 55-SC sealed closure retains all the features of the LG-55, but includes a unique patching system that utilizes pre-terminated SC fiber assemblies or field-installable connectors such as the FASTConnect® SC.

An innovative solution that can be used to facilitate a link between traffic control cabinets and entrance cables, the LG-55-SC closure allows for rapid restoration and minimal damage to a fiber optic cable should an impact disable the cabinet. A breakable tie wrap secures the pre-connectorized cable to one side of the closure (traffic control cabinet), while the main entrance cable is secured with a more rugged cable clamp, allowing the system to separate during a damaging impact.
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